What makes a boat float?

A boat floats, because the fluid in which it is floating offsets the downward pull of gravity and pushes it up. On a large ship like an ocean liner or tanker, the movement of one person doesn't affect the stability of the ship because it was designed to safely carry lots of weight. But on a small boat, like a fishing boat, your weight and the weight of your gear (and where you put it) has an effect on the stability of the boat. Aslo when u build the boat you have to make sure that the boat is stable. and if you move it will not move when u move like if you are on a little boat and you move yes the boat will move but that doesn't meant that it will tip over and sink on you. Also when you are on a boat you dont want to sit to close to the side or stand on the edge for to long or it will flip over.

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