This website describes both Buoyancy and Archimedes Principal, and gives thorough examples to each description. Along with these examples, there are dictionary definitions translated into more easy going definitions. Also, they take you play by play on various experiments for both. In the experiments are different ideas and methods on how to prove information for both. This website is easy to read and extremely informational.
This website also has detailed information on Buoyancy. Unlike the previous, this does not contain anything on Archimedes Principal. This site is non interactive and very plain. It is also an advertisement site that has a bunch of advertisements about unrelated things. This website is helpful if you choose to read it. It’s nothing special to look at.
Again, this website focuses solely on Buoyancy but it does contain a definition for Archimedes Principal. This page is just a lab written down and tested by a group of students. It is helpful to anyone who needs project ideas and likes science. However, this page is boring too and might not hold attention for too long.
This is a Buoyancy game. This is interactive and set up in a jepordy style show. It is colorful and bright. I don’t know what age level this is aimed at though, it appears to be rather young. Hopefully it proves to be helpful and somewhat entertaining to even the dumbest of students. Good luck beating it.

This page looks like you just cut and paste an assigment we did into this Wiki, you could have put a little more effort into or atleast made it look pretty